About Me.

My strength lies in leveraging the intersection of my design
background, development skills and analytical knowledge.

Nick Mantia is a front-end web developer & Designer with a passion for creating things that are both beautiful and useful. During Nick’s junior year in the graphic design program at UMSL, he interned at St. Louis-based marketing agency goBRANDgo!, where he continued to hone his design and development skills. Nick earned his BFA with emphasis in graphic design from UMSL in 2016, and upon graduating, joined the goBRANDgo! team as a full-time developer. Today, Nick works for Fall River, MA-based Digital Agency, Emagine as a WordPress plugin and theme developer.

Nick has zero interest in creating “just another WordPress site” He not only cranks out beautiful PHP; he is heavily invested in every project from idea to whiteboard, wireframe and execution. Nick creates websites that are essentially living, breathing aspects of a company’s sales and marketing team.

In addition to his background in design, Nick has also obtained his certification in Google Analytics. Nick’s strength is in leveraging the intersection of design, development and analytics. To him, this intersection is essential to creating something that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional as a business tool.

Every new website project presents Nick with an opportunity to innovate and to use new advanced functionality to help clients reach their goals. On top of new site builds, he maintains and updates numerous hosted WordPress sites.

When Nick’s headphones come off, he enjoys playing volleyball, flexing his art/design muscle, and watching stand up comedy.