Nick Mantia does

Nick Mantia is a freelance Designer and front-end web/Wordpress developer based in Saint Louis, Missouri. Offering a package of digital services, from Website Design and Development to WordPress Hosting and Maintenance. Visit my services page to find out more or say hello to hear about out how I can help your business.

I combine the latest design trends with layout, color and typography to create a custom-crafted website design focused on clear positioning and positive user experiences.

When deciding how to approach your website build, you have a choice. Do you go with an Off-the-peg theme or have your site developed completely bespoke from scratch?Often the most cost effective way to produce a WordPress website is to use a premium theme template. Rest assured there is no loss in quality, nor will your website look like everybody else’s. Premium themes can actually expand the creative potential of a site; in the hands of a talented designer, you’ll be amazed at the results.If your project requires custom theme development, then you are in capable hands too. Our developers have years of experience and can cut and code a custom theme with ease.

Brand Identity, Logo Design, Digital Assets and Mockups.

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